Win free subscription to UK mag and copy of Madden 25 members have chance to pick up a double prize by signing up for Gridiron, the only UK-based NFL magazine, which launches at the start of the upcoming season.

Renowned sports publishers TriNorth Communications, the publishers of Gridiron, will randomly select five subscribers whose email addresses are also registered with Those lucky winners will receive a copy of Madden NFL 25 from EA Sports, as well as being refunded their Gridiron subscription for the launch issue and all further issues over the next 12 months.

The first issue of Gridiron will be available digitally only, for the cost of £3, and you can subscribe here. There is also the opportunity to express a preference for a year’s digital subscription at £30 or a year’s print subscription for £60.

Supported by Sky Sports, Gridiron will offer exclusive interviews with some of the NFL’s biggest names, X’s & O’s breakdowns with Sky Sports’ Jeff Reinebold, columns from Neil Reynolds, Mike Carlson and others, along with historical sections, coaching tips and coverage of domestic American football in the UK.

The first issue features exclusive interviews with Adrian Peterson, Andrew Luck and John Harbaugh, as well as former England rugby captain and coach Martin Johnson.