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The Dolphins are struggling again this season. How far away do you think they are from challenging for the Super Bowl? - Craig Chapman

I’d like to see the Dolphins hammer opponents inside the AFC East before we talk about the Super Bowl. Miami still feels like a rebuilding project, but there is cause for optimism. I was critical of Ryan Tannehill before the season started, but this young quarterback’s development is impressive. His 431-yard outburst against the Cardinals was a thing of beauty. Tannehill still commits too many turnovers, but that’s life with a first-year quarterback. I also like Miami’s ability to rush the passer on defense.

Back to the Super Bowl question: The NFL’s perennial powers are on the same page from the owner on down. It’s hard to say this about Miami. General manager Jeff Ireland’s master plan hasn’t produced wins and we just don’t know if Joe Philbin is a special coach or not. This team has played hard despite the 1-3 start, but it’s another case of “Wait ‘til next year” in Miami.

How do the Dallas Cowboys look so good against the Giants in the first game of the season, but so terrible at home against the Bears last week? - Todd Burns

Easy to hammer Tony Romo after he tossed five interceptions against Chicago, but the problem here is the interior offensive line. The center/guard play is a disaster in Dallas. Injuries haven’t helped, but this one’s on Jerry Jones, who has utterly failed to build a reliable wall upfront. When the Cowboys play disciplined football, they can beat anyone, but’s Gregg Rosenthal said it best after the Bears loss: This team’s committing the same mind-bending errors they’ve made for years. Nothing’s changed.

I’m not a fan of the team, but have the Jets given up? Seems like it. -- Kenny from London

We’re staring at a lost season for Gang Green.

Comprehend the total ugliness: Darrelle Revis is done; Santonio Holmes is history; Mark Sanchez is asleep at the wheel and appears to be regressing. Dark days.

New York’s 2-2, but I’m not convinced they win six games. It’s a stunning swoon considering we spent August listening to Rex Ryan call this his best defense yet.

The loss to the 49ers was a nightmare. Most humiliating? The way San Francisco harassed New York with big plays out of the Wildcat, a subpackage the Jets have practiced against for months.

I don’t like where this one’s going.

Is Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning still the biggest quarterback rivalry in the NFL? – Steven G.

Not a chance. When Brady lies awake at night thinking about the Manning family, it’s Eli he’s stewing over as he tosses and turns (with Gisele curled up beside him in the quiet of their 22-room mansion). You and I don’t have these problems.

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