International Series survey reveals Tom Brady is your favourite player

Tom Brady might not have been playing in last October’s International Series game at Wembley, but he was still the most popular NFL player among fans at the game.

That is one of the fascinating results to have emerged from the fan research conducted by NFLUK among more than 2,000 attendees of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Chicago Bears game. Over the next few days, as an exclusive first and in the aim of being the most transparent of sporting organisations, we’ll be sharing the results of that survey, showing what our fans like, don’t like and how they became NFL fans in the first place.

Of course, Brady will be returning to Wembley in October when the New England Patriots take on the St Louis Rams. You can be there by clicking here.

Here is how the players’ popularity charts have fluctuated over the past three years:






Tom Brady 37%

Tom Brady 18%

Tom Brady 20%


Peyton Manning 18%

Peyton Manning 17%

Aaron Rodgers 17%


Drew Brees 14%  

Drew Brees 11%  

Brian Urlacher 15%


Wes Welker 13%

Frank Gore 11% 

Devin Hester 14%


Adrian Peterson 12%

Ray Lewis 7%

Drew Brees 11%  


Eli Manning 8% 

Troy Polamalu 7% 

Matt Forte 11%


Ray Lewis 8%

Eli Manning 6%

Peyton Manning 8%


Troy Polamalu 6% 

Wes Welker 6%

Micahel Vick 8%

Click here to secure your tickets for the October 28 International Series game between the St. Louis Rams and New England Patriots.Our survey also showed that the Buccaneers Cheerleaders were the most popular element of the entertainment around the game action, followed by the national anthems in second place and the pre-game ceremonies (team entrance, coin toss etc) in third.




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Give your reaction to the player list and tell us what else you’re looking forward to finding out about from the survey results in our forum by clicking here.Next time we dip into the survey results we’ll be giving you a snapshot of the typical Wembley NFL fan and revealing the most popular team among game attendees.

Full ticket details can be found here.

A major aspect of the Wembley game is merchandise. We are very proud to hold the all-time record for merchandise at a single day event at Wembley. There are lots of exciting new developments coming this year especially with new apparel partners such as Nike and New Era coming on board. Continuing the theme of transparency and knowing how keen our fans are to keep enhancing the merchandise experience, we are inviting you to send any and all questions into a special Q&A merchandise session by emailing by the 21st of February.