Bears top Patriots in Wembley poll!

The Chicago Bears and New England Patriots can both lay claim to being the most popular NFL team among UK fans in 2011.

While the three-time Super Bowl champion Patriots are the number one ranked team according to those registering at, the Bears were named as ‘favourite team’ by 20 per cent of those attending the most recent International Series game at Wembley last October. They beat the Patriots (9 per cent) into second place ahead of the home-team Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7 per cent).

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The popularity of teams among those going to Wembley obviously fluctuates year to year, so here is a breakdown of the ups and downs over the past few years, as well as how those ranking compare with the information from our database:






Miami Dolphins 26%

New England Patriots 18%

Chicago Bears 20%


New York Giants 12%

Miami Dolphins 10%

New England Patriots 9%


New England Patriots 6%

San Francisco 49ers 7%

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7%


San Francisco 49ers 5%

New York Giants 7%

Green Bay Packers 6%


Washington Redskins 5%

Chicago Bears 6%

San Francisco 49ers 6%


Green Bay Packers 4%

Washington Redskins 6%

Miami Dolphins 6%

Top 10 most popular teams via the database:


New England Patriots 9.5%


Miami Dolphins 7.1%


Philadelphia Eagles 5.5 %


San Francisco 49ers 5%


New York Giants 4.9%


Washington Redskins 4.8%


Dallas Cowboys 4.8%


Green Bay Packers 4.8%


Chicago Bears 4.7%


Oakland Raiders 4.4%

The typical game attending fan is a 38-year-old male. He lives in the UK, but outside London, and has a university degree. He is either married or living with a partner and goes to Wembley for International Series in a group of three people. He has Sky and reckons that the best NFL game in London so far was the 2008 shoot-out between the New Orleans Saints and San Diego Chargers.Our game research, which we are sharing exclusively with you, allows us to build up the profile of a ‘typical’ NFL fan in the UK. How closely do you match this photo-fit description?

Here are a couple more interesting facts from our research:

  • 20 per cent of those going to International Series games have been to all five
  • Half the fans consider themselves a fan of the league as much as being a fan of a specific team

Look out for more results on their way and in the meantime let us know if the results so far surprise you by joining in the discussion in our forum.