Week 8 Power Rankings

Posted Nov 2, 2017

Who tops the Power Rankings after Week 8?

1.       Philadelphia Eagles

The best in the NFL just got even better with the addition of running back Jay Ajayi. His partnership with LeGarrette Blount provides a powerful balance to the arm of rising star Carson Wentz.

2.       New England Patriots

The quarterback position is now paper thin behind Tom Brady. But when does Brady ever get hurt? This team is ready to make its traditional second half push to Super Bowl glory.

3.       Pittsburgh Steelers

No wonder the Steelers were happy to let Martavis Bryant rot among the inactives last week. JuJu Smith-Schuster is a joy to watch as the youngest player in the NFL this season.

4.       Kansas City Chiefs

They sometimes get too cute on offense for their own good and the defense leaks too many yards. But that side of the ball creates plenty of turnovers and KC are in this season for the long haul.

5.       Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks fans around the globe applauded the trade for Duane Brown this week. The All-Pro offensive lineman is badly needed to protect MVP candidate quarterback Russell Wilson.

6.       Los Angeles Rams

A bye week costs the Rams a spot in my top five but they will soon get back to those heady heights under the always-impressive Sean McVay. Rams in the playoffs, anyone?

7.       Minnesota Vikings

Teddy Bridgewater could return at QB after their Week 9 bye, but what’s the rush? Case Keenum is getting the job done, the receiving corps is outstanding and the defense is Super Bowl worthy.

8.       Buffalo Bills

Fans in Buffalo are beginning to dream of a return to the playoffs for the first time since 1999. The addition of giant-sized WR Kelvin Benjamin is a mouth-watering move that improves the attack.

9.       New Orleans Saints

It has rarely been perfect but winning five in a row is not to be sneezed at in today’s NFL. Rookie first round corner Marshon Lattimore has been a real find on the defensive side of the football.

10.   Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags have enjoyed a week off and must now make a serious and consistent playoff push. They are dominant on defense, but can Blake Bortles win games if called upon to do so?

11.   Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are rolling now but this might be as high as they place for a while if Ezekiel Elliott is about to begin his six-game suspension. That is a major blow that will be hard to overcome.

12.   Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons dug deep to end their three-game losing streak last week but they look little more than a wild card outsider on current form. That’s a waste when you consider their offensive talent.

13.   Houston Texans

The defensive backfield let them down at times last week in Seattle, but as long as Deshaun Watson is under center, the Texans will be playoff contenders and exciting to watch in 2017.

14.   Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have now won four games on the road this season. I should be more impressed but I tend to view this team as one that belongs in the middle of the NFL pack.

15.   Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are a tough team to figure out. When they’re good, they’re really good. And when they’re bad, they tend to be awful. Which will probably add up to an 8-8 record by January.

16.   Tennessee Titans

There has not been enough offensive consistency in Tennessee, but they are very much in the race to win the suddenly-competitive AFC South. Step forward and earn your stripes, Marcus Mariota.

17.   Detroit Lions

The Lions are stuck in mud at the moment and it is going to take quite the coaching job from Jim Caldwell to get his team in the playoffs. Finishing drives with touchdowns would be a good start.

18.   New York Jets

If they could just learn to close out some games, the Jets could be well on their way to a playoff berth this season. But credit Todd Bowles’ men for being much more competitive than predicted.

19.   Washington Redskins

Six of Washington’s eight offensive linemen are banged up and it is taking its toll on quarterback Kirk Cousins, who could still move during the upcoming off-season.

20.   Oakland Raiders

The Raiders have been a massive disappointment this year but I cannot put them any lower than 20. Surely, they have the offensive skill talent to rise much higher than this? Right? No? Oh!

21.   Green Bay Packers

How much cramming did Brett Hundley do during Green Bay’s bye week? And will it make any difference? I think Green Bay’s season is lost, proving the worth of an all-time great quarterback.

22.   Cincinnati Bengals

Marvin Lewis is running out of time in Cincinnati. Things are so bleak now that fans are yearning for those heady days of being one and done in the playoffs.

23.   Chicago Bears

They may be devoid of talent at certain spots, but John Fox has his Bears playing tough each week and they are a competitive bunch. I think the future will be much brighter in Chicago.

24.   Miami Dolphins

Think about how bad Miami have been on offense – they were one garbage TD throw in NY away from being shut out three times this season. Words cannot describe their offensive futility.

25.   Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers should be higher for giving New England a run for their money in Foxboro. But they still appear to be a team that, more often than not, finds ways to lose games.

26.   Denver Broncos

So the Broncos turn the ball over five times on Monday night and now Brock Osweiler might be the answer? When he is the answer, the question must have something to do with interceptions.

27.   Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are coming off a bye week in which Drew Stanton needed to perfect the art of getting sacked behind a terrible offensive line. Reports suggest he is ready to go!

28.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Another game and another multiple-turnover showing from quarterback Jameis Winston. His regression has been disappointing and could end up costing head coach Dirk Koetter his job.

29.   New York Giants

Life is miserable for Giants fans, mostly because this team rarely makes rash decisions when it comes to hirings and firings… and that might mean even more Ben McAdoo in 2018!

30.   Indianapolis Colts

Jacoby Brissett was beaten like a drum behind Indy’s line in Cincinnati last week. Meanwhile, Andrew Luck continues to wonder why he should bother racing to get back to full health.

31.   Cleveland Browns

A strong first half showing at Twickenham rises the Browns out of the basement. But let’s not forget they messed up the midweek trade for A.J. McCarron. That is so Browns!

32.   San Francisco 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo went to bed 6-2 and woke up 0-8 etc. That joke has been doing the rounds again this week. What is no joke is the beating Jimmy G might take behind a porous line in San Francisco.


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