Week 5 Power Rankings

Posted Oct 11, 2017

Who tops the Power Rankings after Week 5?

Post-Week 5 Power Rankings

1.       Kansas City Chiefs

They are explosive on offense week in and week out, their quarterback is playing lights out and the coaching has been outstanding. This is the clear number one team in the NFL right now.

2.       Green Bay Packers

The emergence of rookie running back Aaron Jones is going to be worth monitoring, but this is still a team that travels as far as number 12’s glorious right arm will take them.

3.      Denver Broncos

Fresh off a bye week, the Broncos have been handed another bye in the form of a home game against the New York Giants. A win on Sunday night will take Denver to a very tasty 4-1 record.

4.       Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz has grown up in his second NFL season and looks elite. His quarterback rating of 137.8 on third down this season shows his ability to overcome tough situations on the field.

5.       Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons got their bye week at the right time in order to rest a banged-up receiving corps. They’re not quite as explosive as in previous years but are still potent without the turnovers.

6.       Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton is either great at blocking out the outside noise or he is so blissfully ignorant that he doesn’t really feel like he did anything wrong. He is playing close to his 2015 MVP level now.

7.       New England Patriots

Finally the defense shows up. So let’s see if we can create another worry for Bill Belichick – 40-year-old Tom Brady has been sacked 16 times already this season, one more than last year’s total.

8.       Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford got banged up at the end of the Carolina game but went down swinging as usual. If he has to miss time, the Lions can kiss goodbye to this top 10 spot for a while.

9.       Seattle Seahawks

Seattle’s defense forced 5 turnovers and produced 2 sacks in LA but unless Russell Wilson pulls a rabbit from the hat, the offense cannot get going. They gained just 241 yards against the Rams.

10.   Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben doesn’t know if he has it any more, Antonio Brown is launching Gatorade coolers when not getting the ball and Le’Veon Bell wants more carries. That’s a lot of distracting chatter.

11.   Los Angeles Rams

The Rams hit a bump in the road at home to Seattle but should move on with this positive in mind – they turned it over five times and still almost won but for a late Cooper Kupp drop.

12.   Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags will rocket up these rankings once they show me they can win on back-to-back weekends. The defense is a monster, as evidenced by 10 sacks at Houston and with 5 picks of Big Ben.

13.   Washington Redskins

Kirk Cousins had a baby boy named Cooper during the last couple of weeks. That has no bearing on these Power Rankings, but I wanted to congratulate him. Let’s move on!

14.   Buffalo Bills

The defense is for real and Tyrod Taylor is good for one or two big plays per game, but would it hurt LeSean McCoy to find the end zone every now and then?

15.   Dallas Cowboys

It’s just not the same this year in Big D and the Cowboys have already matched their three-loss total of a year ago. The defense is the biggest worry for me after five weeks of the season.

16.   Minnesota Vikings

I have no such defensive worries with the Vikings, who are stout on that side of the ball. Case Keenum should remain the quarterback for now until Sam Bradford is fully, 100 per cent healthy.

17.   Houston Texans

Deshaun Watson is exciting and offers hope, but the defensive losses of J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus for the season are devastating blows to a team with genuine playoff aspirations.

18.   Oakland Raiders

Derek Carr is injured, Marshawn Lynch and Amari Cooper have gone AWOL and Donald Penn is getting out of his car to fight bottle-throwing fans after the game. Oh, and they’ve lost three straight!

19.   New Orleans Saints

Coming off their bye, the Saints did something that made a lot of sense when they traded Adrian Peterson to Arizona. But why they signed the veteran rusher in the first place remains a mystery.

20.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is a talented team that could have knocked off the defending Super Bowl champions if Nick Folk had been able to kick straight. Now, they must strive for some much-needed consistency.

21.   Baltimore Ravens

The offense remains about as exciting as having a plate of peas for your dinner, but the Ravens are 3-2 and that kind of record is not to be sniffed at in today’s wide open and inconsistent NFL.

22.   Cincinnati Bengals

If the Bengals can keep connecting on passes from Andy Dalton to AJ Green (7.3 catches per game over the past three weeks), Cincinnati can sneak back into the AFC North title race this year.

23.   New York Jets

We made a big deal of the Jets off-loading veteran talent in the off-season. But how many of those guys have made an impact elsewhere? Maybe we should have been praising the Jets this summer.

24.   Arizona Cardinals

Pass me the panic button. I knew the offensive line was poor but now the defense is caving in? Adrian Peterson better still have some gas left in the tank to chew some time off the clock.

25.   Miami Dolphins

With his out-of-shape body, lack of leadership presence and an inability to get 100 yards passing in a game, Jay Cutler genuinely looks like he has won a competition to play quarterback in the NFL.

26.   Indianapolis Colts

It has rarely been pretty over the first five weeks of the season but Jacoby Brissett has enjoyed some positives at quarterback and this team remains in touching distance in the South.

27.   Tennessee Titans

Read what I just wrote above about Jay Cutler… this team just lost to Jay Cutler. With that in mind, they should be feeling glad of spot number 27 in these esteemed rankings!

28.   Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers win! That’s the good news. How about something to ponder, Chargers fans? Your next three games are at Oakland, home to Denver and away to New England!

29.   Chicago Bears

Mitch Trubisky should have started from day one in Chicago – that much was clear even after he produced an up and down debut against the Vikings. His progress will be fun to watch the rest of the way.

30.   San Francisco 49ers

Back-to-back overtime losses have to be heart-breaking for the Niners but they are on the right track. They just don’t have a quarterback in Brian Hoyer. C.J. Beathard anybody?

31.   New York Giants

The Giants slide down these power rankings has been slipperier than Ben McAdoo’s hairstyle. And now they have no receivers to speak of and a tough road trip to Denver coming up. Oof!

32.   Cleveland Browns

Carson Wentz is lighting it up in Philadelphia and Deshaun Watson is turning heads in Houston. Either could have been QB for the winless Browns, who may now turn to Kevin Hogan under center.


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