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NFL UK Live tour visits London, Nottingham, Liverpool and Edinburgh

Posted Apr 11, 2017

We continue to visit all parts of the UK as we bring NFL stars to the UK.

Jarvis Landry was our first player to arrive in the UK on Monday and he quickly made friends at Tottenham's training ground....

He then hopped over to NikeTown in London to meet some UK fans

Kirk Cousins then joined Jarvis on stage in London to meet over 600 fans and also attempt a world record!

Tuesday saw Kurt Warner join the tour and there was only one place in Liverpool the players wanted to visit....

In the evening the Liverpool crowd watched on as all three players spoke for over two hours.

Wednesday saw Steve Smith Snr and Danny Shelton join the tour in Nottingham in place of Kirk and Jarvis

On Thursday we crossed the border into Scotland and headed for Edinburgh

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