NFL London Games ticket statement

Posted May 2, 2018

In response to comments and feedback from fans to the sale of tickets for the two Wembley games, NFL UK would like to clarify the following:

  • We are not associated in any way with any secondary ticketing sites. We do not allow any placement of NFL tickets directly onto secondary ticketing sites – all of our tickets are sold in the first instance to the public and fans.
  • It is not illegal to sell tickets on the secondary market, therefore we have limited power to prevent this happening. However, no tickets are distributed until September, so we would caution against anyone who currently claims to be selling tickets as their authenticity cannot be validated
  • Our approach has been to prioritise those buying tickets for multiple games. During season ticket sales, wherever possible, we audited people who violated our limits on the number of tickets anyone can purchase. This led to between two and three thousand tickets being placed back on general sale. We will continue to take those steps.
  • We are playing one game fewer in London this year than in 2017, including a matchup of Super Bowl champions against the Jacksonville Jaguars, who reached a Conference Championship, therefore demand has been higher than ever.
  • As usual, we anticipate some tickets to be returned by the competing teams and becoming available for purchase later in the year. We will be very clear about how that sales process will work.
  • We do understand fans’ frustration when they cannot purchase tickets for the games they wish to see and we will continue to have the fans’ interest at heart. In response to media perception about our approach to selling tickets, we can assure you that this will continue to include offering tickets across a range of price points, which currently begin as low as £38.50.


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