British American football growth

Posted Jul 15, 2016

Record numbers now playing American Football in the UK!

Grassroots American football continues to grow in Great Britain, according to the latest figures published by BAFA (British American Football Association).

All areas of amateur American football have grown in the past 12 months with the biggest rises coming in women’s football and youth flag, offering a promising future for a growing sport.

The number of young players in youth flag football has risen by 90.6 percent for the 2015-2016 period, while participants in the women’s game have grown by 80 per cent.

The growth figures do not include those who have experienced and played American football in various schools and colleges via out-reach programmes run by BAFA teams and also the NFL, who have been playing regular season games in London since 2007, helping to grow the sport of American football in the United Kingdom.

Here are the rises that have taken place across the board over the past year…

Adult Contact                    Up 18.8%

Under 19 Contact             Up 10.2%

Under 17 Contact             Up 38.8%

Adult Flag                            Up 35.2%

Youth Flag                           Up 90.6%

Coaches                               Up 47.0%

Student Football              Up 12.3%

Women’s Football           Up 80.0%

Independent research also shows that tens of thousands of other young people are taking part in American football across the country as the popularity of the sport continues to take hold.

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