Superstitious Broncos choose to wear white jerseys in Super bowl 50

Posted Jan 26, 2016

Despite being the 'home' team in Super Bowl 50 the Broncos have chosen to wear their road uniform.

Professional athletes can be a superstitious bunch. Spend time in any locker room and you will soon learn about the lucky garments, hype songs and routines that different players must wear, hear, or adhere to as they prepare themselves for a game.

Typically, though, these gestures belong to individuals. What you do not come across quite so often are superstitious beliefs shared across an entire franchise - like the one that the Denver Broncos revealed on Monday, when they announced that they had chosen to wear their all-white road uniform when they take on Carolina at Super Bowl 50.

Designated as the home team for the NFL’s title game (that honour rotates back and forth between the NFC and AFC champions each year), the Broncos were given the choice of which colours to wear. Most often, the team in their position would choose its home strip. But, as Fox Sports reported: “The AFC champs are bucking current uniform etiquette and instead bowing down to the football gods.”

Denver, you see, have lost all four Super Bowls that they have played in their orange home jerseys, getting blown out by an average of 32 points. They are 2-1 when they choose to wear blue and white instead. As the man who led them to both of the two triumphs, executive vice-president John Elway knows this fact all too well. “We’ve had some Super Bowl success in our white uniforms” he said, “and we’re looking forward to wearing them again.”

The Panthers had worn white for their only previous Super Bowl, which they lost to the Patriots in February 2004. This time they will instead wear black, a colour they have used only twice before in playoff games, both times falling to defeat.

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