Snoop Dogg meets the Carolina Panthers

Posted Feb 4, 2016

Even NFL players get star-struck. That much has been evident throughout this week at the Super Bowl media center in downtown San Francisco. A steady stream of professional football players passes through radio row every day, giving interviews and delivering pitches for their sponsors and media partners. But even though these men pull in six- and seven-figure salaries, many trail off in mid-sentence when they see an even bigger celebrity passing by.

“Is that Jerry Rice?!”

The Broncos and Panthers stay apart from this scene, hosting their interview sessions at their team hotels in order to keep away from distraction. But sometimes the show comes to then. On Thursday, Snoop Dogg attended press conferences for both Carolina and Denver, while serving as a guest correspondent for the Rich Eisen show.

It was hard to know who enjoyed this scene more: Snoop, the players or the media. Cam Newton looked disbelieving when he spotted the rapper in the wings at his press conference on Thursday morning, exclaiming “No!” out loud before he gathered himself to dab at Snoop’s request.

Other players did an even worse job of keeping their excitement in check. Aqib Talib sported a grin the size of the Golden Gate Bridge as he discussed youth football with Snoop. A group of Broncos offensive linemen gathered together to demand a selfie.

Snoop seemed to relish the attention. He asked Peyton Manning whether he could get a 50% discount on Papa Johns orders, and quarterback replied in the affirmative.

But to his credit, Snoop - a noted NFL fan - did also have some serious questions, too. "Is the kid in you outweighing the man in you in this game you're about to be playing?" he asked Newton.

"Half of me tries to be as professional as possible,” replied the quarterback. “But the human in me just wants to take it all in.”

Two more things you might have missed. 

- NFL teams will be required to interview at least one female candidate each time they advertise for new staff at an executive position.

- After last year’s successful Mortal Kombat session with Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski, Conan invited the Seahawks running back on again to play Doom with Von Miller and Josh Norman.

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