2018 NFL London Games ticket news

Posted May 1, 2018

Seahawks at Raiders | Titans at Chargers | Eagles at Jaguars

The schedule for the 2018 NFL London Games features a series of firsts, including a debut at a new stadium and three teams playing a regular-season game in London for the first time including Super Bowl LII Champions, the Philadelphia Eagles facing the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley.

The 2018 London Games schedule is as follows:

Week Date Visiting Team Home Team Stadium
6 (Kickoff 6pm ) Oct 14 Seattle Seahawks Oakland Raiders Tottenham Hotspur
7 (Kickoff 2:30pm) Oct 21 Tennessee Titans Los Angeles Chargers Wembley
8 (Kickoff 1:30pm) Oct 28 Philadelphia Eagles Jacksonville Jaguars Wembley


Tickets for both Wembley game are now sold out but limited hospitality tickets remain on sale for the Titans/Chargers game and can be purchsed via ticketmaster.co.uk/NFL.

Wheelchair spaces and personal assistant seats are distributed across all levels of the stadium. For Accessible seating, please call Wembley Stadium on 0800 093 0824.

A ticketing FAQs can be found here.

Ticket categories Single game ticket prices Wembley season ticket (2 Games)
Premium Sideline Central £156 Sold out
£280.80 - Sold out
Premium Sideline £151 Sold out
£271.80 - Sold out
Club End Zone £111 Sold out
£199.80 - Sold out
Cat 1 £116 Sold out
£208.80 - Sold out
Cat 2 £111 Sold out
£199.80 - Sold out
Cat 3 £83.50 Sold out
£150.30 - Sold out
Cat 4 £76 Sold out
£136.80 - Sold out
Cat 5 £73.50 Sold out
£132.30 - Sold out
Cat 6 £56 Sold out
£100.80 - Sold out
Cat 7 £51 Sold out
£91.8 - Sold out
Cat 8 £46 Sold out
£82.8 - Sold out
Cat 9 £41 Sold out
£73.8 - Sold out
Child* (Blocks 127-131) £23.50 Sold Out
£46.50 - Sold out
Child* (Blocks 513, 514, 518-520) £21 Sold Out

£42 - Sold out

Sapphire package £359 ON SALE (Titans/Chargers) 
Diamond package £479 ON SALE (Titans/Chargers)
Platinum package £699 ON SALE (Titans/Chargers)
Thomas Cook Sport £179 ON SALE (Titans/Chargers) N/A
NFL On Location More information here N/A

*Child tickets are 16 & under

Please note that ticket category names at Wembley stadium have changed since the 2017 NFL London Games.

Seattle Seahawks v Oakland Raiders at Tottenham Hotspur, October 14

We know that many of you are waiting for us to announce the onsale dates for Seattle Seahawks vs Oakland Raiders at the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Due to the stadium being under construction, we do not yet have a full, finalised seating plan for NFL games. For example, US broadcasters of NFL games require considerably more camera positions than for a soccer game (minimum of 27) and they need the opportunity to survey the stadium. To ensure that we deliver the best possible fan experience – and to avoid selling seats that we later discover will have an obstructed view - we cannot go on sale until this seating plan has been finalised. We expect to begin hospitality ticket sales in June, with all other tickets likely to follow in early August.

We currently anticipate that at least 90 per cent of Wembley season ticket holders will be able to purchase the same number of tickets at Tottenham as at Wembley (up to a maximum of four per account holder).

If you did not purchase Wembley season tickets, any remaining Tottenham Hotspur stadium tickets will be available from August.

Travel Packages

Are there ticket and hotel packages available?

Thomas Cook Sport and On Location are the only official travel partners of NFL UK. To find out more about the packages available please visit:

Thomas Cook Sport  - Hotel and ticket breaks remain on sale for the Titans/Chargers game but packages for the Eagles/Jaguars game are sold out

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