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Week 4 Power Rankings

Posted Oct 3, 2017

Who tops the Power Rankings after Week 4?

Post-Week 4 Power Rankings

1.       Kansas City Chiefs

Alex Smith keeps playing well and with a sense of adventure that has only ever been glimpsed in the past, Kareem Hunt keeps rolling and the Chiefs remain the last undefeated team in football.

2.       Green Bay Packers

The injuries continue to mount for the Packers’ offense but they still have Aaron Rodgers under center and a defense forcing turnovers. That is enough for second place in this era of NFL parity.

3.      Pittsburgh Steelers

Getting Le’Veon Bell back on track was huge, even if it came at the expense of Antonio Brown’s catches. Having too many stars and not enough touches can be a good problem to have.

4.       Denver Broncos

The way Denver play defense is going to be enough to keep this team competitive, especially if the running game continues to help out the distinctly average Trevor Siemian

5.       Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are averaging more than 35 points per game, Jared Goff looks like the real deal and this is one of the hottest teams in football. I wonder if Sean McVay can also turn water into wine?

6.       Atlanta Falcons

That loss was coming for the Falcons, who almost got taken down by Chicago in Week 1 and Detroit in Week 3. The most worrying aspect will be the turnovers creeping into Atlanta’s game.

7.       New England Patriots

For the second time in three home outings, the Patriots were beaten while being shredded on defense. They appear to be woefully deficient in that area, negating Tom Brady’s brilliance.

8.       Oakland Raiders

Marshawn Lynch cannot get going, Amari Cooper couldn’t catch a cold and Derek Carr has broken bones in his back and could be out for six weeks. You want good news? Move on to number nine.

9.       Detroit Lions

Detroit always has a chance with Matthew Stafford at QB. But they boast even greater odds of winning when their defense plays like it did on Sunday (3 turnovers and 11 points off takeaways).

10.   Philadelphia Eagles

We have grown used to 3-1 starts from the Eagles followed by a slump. But putting up 454 total yards on Sunday suggests this Carson Wentz-led attack could be sticking around this time.

11.   Dallas Cowboys

There is no doubt the Cowboys have talent to burn on offense, racking up 440 yards against the Rams. But inconsistency is a problem for this team and has them outside the top 10.

12.   Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks put up 433 yards against Tennessee in Week 3 and 477 in Week 4. So why am I still not quite sold on this team? A top 10 spot beckons if they can finally win a few away from home.

13.   Houston Texans

In a Dak Prescott 2016 sort of way, Deshaun Watson is the real deal at QB for the Texans. Just as pleasing will be Houston’s defense forcing 5 turnovers and holding the Titans to just 195 yards.

14.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Good teams find ways to win close games. And I happen to think the Bucs are a good team, even though they have blown hot and cold in compiling a 2-1 record this season.

15.   Carolina Panthers

The fact that Cam Newton resembled the 2015 NFL Most Valuable Player is the most pleasing aspect of Carolina’s win over New England on Sunday. He is tough to defend when on top form.

16.   Buffalo Bills

Buffalo are getting just enough offense to go alongside elite level defensive play. Sean McDermott’s defense forced 3 turnovers vs. Atlanta and the Bills are in first place in the AFC East.

17.   Washington Redskins

The Redskins are a dangerous team who can beat anyone in the NFL. They are also a frustrating team who can lose to anyone in the NFL, which is why they are middle of the pack at best for now.

18.   New Orleans Saints

The youngest starting defense in the NFL since 1991 (average age 24) is waking up, forcing three turnovers against Carolina in Week 3 and pitching a shut out of Miami at Wembley in Week 4.

19.   Minnesota Vikings

Dalvin Cook has torn his knee ligaments, leaving a major hole in the Vikings’ backfield. I wonder how long it is before Rick Spielman puts in a call to Sean Payton about his little-used rusher?

20.   Jacksonville Jaguars

I’m sure some Jags fans would take their team being up one week and down the next, as opposed to losing every game. But Doug Marrone and Tom Coughlin will be demanding more consistency.

21.   Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals relied heavily on their defense as that unit hit 49ers QBs 10 times. But they miss David Johnson and are the only team with fewer than 90 rushing yards in every game this term.

22.   New York Jets

Count me among the shocked who did not expect the Jets to be sitting a month into the season with a 2-2 record. Putting up 471 yards on Jacksonville’s D was impressive at the weekend.

23.   Tennessee Titans

Giving up 57 points to a division rival and losing quarterback Marcus Mariota to a hamstring injury made for a miserable Sunday for Titans fans. This team still lacks anything close to consistency.

24.   Baltimore Ravens

The offense is going in reverse, there are not enough skill position players worth getting excited about and Joe Flacco is regressing at quarterback. Oh, and the defense is getting worn down.

25.   Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton has responded well to the promotion of Bill Lazor to offensive coordinator and while their lone win only came against the Browns, I feel the Bengals can get back on track in 2017.

26.   Miami Dolphins

With just six points in their last two games, the Dolphins are starting to look every bit like a team that lost its franchise quarterback on the eve of a new season. Can Adam Gase halt this free-fall?

27.   Indianapolis Colts

I don’t think a detailed breakdown of what is wrong with the Colts can be written here. Let’s just say that Andrew Luck’s brilliance papered over the cracks for a long time. But not now.

28.   Chicago Bears

Mike Glennon becomes the most expensive back-up QB in the NFL as the Bears turn the reins over to Mitch Trubisky. But who is going to catch his passes on Sundays? Don’t expect a quick fix.

29.   New York Giants

The Giants are finally putting some points on the board and Odell Beckham Jr. is making plays, but this team keeps finding ways to lose at the end and remains a tale of woe and misery in 2017.

30.   Los Angeles Chargers

I can’t even be bothered to write it any more. You can figure it out. The Chargers lost another close one! This might be the most frustrating team to support in the whole NFL.

31.   San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are playing tough on defense and they are being well coached (in my opinion) by Kyle Shanahan. But they will go nowhere until Brian Hoyer improves or is replaced at quarterback.

32.   Cleveland Browns

Hue Jackson has won just one of his last 25 games as an NFL head coach. Yet he remains an NFL head coach. Get me the number of his agent, please?

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