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Week 16 Power Rankings

Posted Dec 27, 2017

Who tops the Power Rankings after Week 16?

Post-Week 16 Power Rankings

1.       New England Patriots

The Patriots’ signing of James Harrison is soooooo Patriots. How quickly was he called into Bill Belichick’s office to discuss Pittsburgh’s playbook, I wonder?

2.       Pittsburgh Steelers

With offensive talent to die for, these Steelers are going to be there or thereabouts at the business end of the season.

3.       Los Angeles Rams

The Rams’ success is down to the fact that Jeff Fisher left the team in such great shape, apparently. I’m not buying that coach. Have you compared 2016 Todd Gurley vs. 2017 Todd Gurley?

4.       Philadelphia Eagles

It may not look pretty the rest of the way but the Eagles are surviving the devastating loss of Carson Wentz and not many teams are able to do that in today’s NFL.

5.       Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have won 10 of their last 11 so are worthy of a top five spot, but they didn’t produce much to get excited about on the offensive side of the ball in Week 16.

6.       New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram will always grab the headlines in New Orleans but the form of the Saints defense was what caught my eye on Christmas Eve.

7.       Jacksonville Jaguars

That must have been a depressing flight back to Jacksonville over the Holidays. If they took the plane – maybe Tom Coughlin was so upset he made them ride the bus across America!

8.       Kansas City Chiefs

No one is claiming that the Chiefs are fixed but winning three straight with their season hanging in the balance has been a very good and encouraging response. Still a dangerous club.

9.       Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton talked a few weeks back about the Panthers trying to create winning habits. Those habits helped Carolina dig deep to beat a competitive Tampa Bay team last Sunday.

10.   Atlanta Falcons

There are bad teams around the NFL that are depressing to watch. But more frustrating is a talented team that continues to shoot itself in the foot. That has been the Falcons in 2017.

11.   Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have quietly discovered a winning formula, going 5-1 since their Week 10 bye. That leaves John Harbaugh’s men one win away from a spot in the playoffs.

12.   Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers need a win in Week 17, a Baltimore victory and a Tennessee loss to reach the playoffs. Even if they don’t make it, this will be a team to watch when 2018 rolls around.

13.   Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson remains the most beaten up and dynamic quarterback in the business. Take him out of Seattle and they are a four or five-win team at best.

14.   San Francisco 49ers

I’m a Jimmy G believer! And I wonder if he will wind up being Bill Belichick’s greatest mistake. The Niners have won five of their last six and are fun to watch.

15.   Tennessee Titans

The scenario for the Titans is very simple in Week 17… win and they’re in. They could be helped by a Jags team that sits some key starters for a rest on the eve of the playoffs.

16.   Dallas Cowboys

For the source of Dallas’ problems in 2017 look no further than the House That Jerry Built. In their fabulously-shiny AT&T Stadium the Cowboys have gone 3-5 this season. Not good.

17.   Buffalo Bills

The longest playoff drought in all of American sports looks set to continue as the Bills have not made the post-season since 1999. And they don’t deserve to as losers of five of their last eight.

18.   Washington Redskins

If Kirk Cousins is allowed to walk free in the off-season, the management in Washington have well and truly lost their minds.

19.   Detroit Lions

That was a massively disappointing loss to Cincinnati on Christmas Eve and keep an ear out for Jim Caldwell’s name being among the Black Monday coaching casualties. Change may be coming.

20.   Green Bay Packers

If you don’t like the Packers and enjoy seeing them this far down the rankings, make the most of it. When number 12 returns next season, they will be Super Bowl contenders once more.

21.   Arizona Cardinals

The fact that Bruce Arians has been able to coax seven wins out of the Cardinals is testament to his coaching prowess. That said, I would not be surprised if he retired after this weekend’s game.

22.   Oakland Raiders

The Raiders having just six wins to their name heading into the final weekend of the regular season has to be one of the biggest disappointments of the 2017 campaign. Could heads roll?

23.   Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins were another feel-good story of the off-season and while they have shown flashes at times in 2017, they have been a huge let-down with just six victories.

24.   New York Jets

Todd Bowles has his men fighting to the bitter end but there has just not been enough offense since Josh McCown went down at quarterback.

25.   Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals may have produced a nice win against Detroit on Christmas Eve but I still feel major changes are coming, definitely at head coach and quite possibly at the quarterback position.

26.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs put up quite the fight against the Panthers in Week 16 but that should not disguise the fact this has been a failed season and the 4-11 Bucs could be thinking Jon Gruden for 2018.

27.   Houston Texans

The Texans are a prime example of the importance of the quarterback position. This team survived some injuries with Deshaun Watson at the helm but fell apart once he was also gone for the year.

28.   Denver Broncos

The Broncos have too much defensive talent to be this far down any rankings. They should make a serious play for Kirk Cousins in the off-season, which was something Von Miller would enjoy.

29.   Chicago Bears

There is a long way to go in Chicago but if John Fox goes, this will be an attractive job. Mitchell Trubisky and Jordan Howard are good building blocks on offense and the defense is decent.

30.   Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are merely playing out the slate now and my guess is that Chuck Pagano is about to coach his last game for the team.

31.   New York Giants

The Giants didn’t even look like they were trying in the Arizona desert last week and are limping to the finish line in 2017.

32.   Cleveland Browns

A place in NFL history beckons for the Cleveland Browns. A chance to have a story to tell their grandchildren is just around the corner. Sadly, it will be for all the wrong reasons.







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