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Week 15 Power Rankings

Posted Dec 20, 2017

Who tops the Power Rankings after Week 15?

Post-Week 15 Power Rankings

1.       New England Patriots (SAME)

Sure, the Jesse James touchdown catch call could have gone either way but after that there was nothing fortunate about New England’s win in Pittsburgh. Good teams make their own luck.

2.       Los Angeles Rams (UP 4)

If you march into Seattle and win by 35 in a dominant display on both sides of the ball against an over-matched Seahawks team, you get high praise and a lofty rise in these power rankings.

3.       Pittsburgh Steelers (SAME)

Once they recover from the punch in the gut of losing to the Patriots, the Steelers must remind themselves that they played well and handled the Super Bowl champs for much of the game.

4.       Minnesota Vikings (SAME)

The Vikings are led by a quarterback who was never drafted in Case Keenum and a wide receiver who was never drafted in Adam Thielen. Take a bow, Rick Spielman. You have done quite a job.

5.       Jacksonville Jaguars (SAME)

It still sounds a bit funny when I say it out loud, but these Jags can win the Super Bowl. They are built for it. They have come a long way in recent seasons and deserve to enjoy some success.

6.       Philadelphia Eagles (DOWN 4)

The team with the best record in football does not get a spot in my top five because I worry how deep they had to dig to beat the Giants last week and I worry about Nick Foles in the long term.

7.       New Orleans Saints (SAME)

Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara get a lot of the headlines in New Orleans but it should be noted that wide receiver Michael Thomas is an absolute stud. Oh and that Drew Brees fella is not bad!

8.       Atlanta Falcons (UP 1)

As it stands right now, the Falcons are clinging to the sixth seed in the NFC playoffs and they would certainly deserve to be there as winners of five of their last six.

9.       Carolina Panthers (UP 1)

The Panthers have a couple of impressive young corners in James Bradberry and Daryl Worley but now the defense has to do without suspended leader Thomas Davis, who is gone for two games.

10.   Kansas City Chiefs (UP 3)

I’m not about to suggest the Chiefs are fixed but those back-to-back wins over division rivals Oakland and the Los Angeles Chargers could not have come at a better time.

11.   Baltimore Ravens (UP3)

The Ravens reverted to form in beating Cleveland by leaning heavily on their defense, forcing four turnovers and scoring their fifth defensive touchdown of the season.

12.   Los Angeles Chargers (DOWN 4)

I was all ready to get on the bandwagon and ride with the Chargers all the way to the playoffs. Then they go and lay a disappointing egg to the Chiefs and now the road is much tougher.

13.   Dallas Cowboys (DOWN 1)

The Cowboys have won three in a row and are just about alive in the NFC playoff race but there was not too much to get excited about in their narrow and too-close-for-comfort win in Oakland.

14.   Buffalo Bills (UP 2)

It’s written in the stars…having not made the playoffs since 1999, the Bills are going to miss the post-season by a single game and that game was when they played Nathan Peterman at QB!

15.   Seattle Seahawks (DOWN 4)

Fed up with fighting the opposition week in and week out, the Seahawks have now started sniping at each other with safety Earl Thomas and linebacker Bobby Wagner doing battle in the media.

16.   Detroit Lions (UP 1)

I sincerely hope the Lions are able to put enough around Matthew Stafford to make a serious run in 2018. He remains the driving force of this team and needs many others to pull their weight.

17.   Washington Redskins (UP 4)

The Redskins need back-to-back wins to avoid a losing season but that may not be enough to stop rumblings about the future of head coach Jay Gruden.

18.   Green Bay Packers (DOWN 3)

If I’m the Packers I sit Aaron Rodgers down and tell him not to come back until 2018. It is not worth the risk, especially as he is so sore following a beating in Carolina last weekend.

19.   Tennessee Titans (DOWN 1)

Tennessee’s 8-6 record is not to be sneezed at, but I think they are shaping up to miss the playoffs and be one of the bigger disappointments of this 2017 season, given their preseason expectations.

20.   Oakland Raiders (DOWN 1)

Big disappointments of 2017 don’t come much bigger than the Silver and Black. I really expected more of this team and the defense is an absolute priority to upgrade in 2018.

21.   Miami Dolphins (DOWN 1)

Jay Cutler took the ‘whole season of giving’ thing too far against the Buffalo Bills last week. Surely talk of Miami bringing him back in 2018 has to be some kind of Christmas Cracker joke!

22.   New York Jets (SAME)

The Jets have been surprisingly decent at times this year but with Bryce Petty at the helm, you can put a fork in them for the remainder of 2017.

23.   San Francisco 49ers (UP 4)

Jimmy Garoppolo has won three out of three as the starting quarterback in San Francisco and he looked very assured with last week’s game on the line. There are good times ahead for this team.

24.   Arizona Cardinals (DOWN 1)

There is not much to report with a Cardinals team that has nothing but pride to play for over the final two weeks of the regular season.

25.   Denver Broncos (UP 5)

The Broncos have salvaged some pride in recent weeks but those small successes should not mask what has been a shockingly disappointing season in Colorado.

26.   Houston Texans (DOWN 2)

The Texans lost by 38 at home last week yet Jadeveon Clowney still chose to spend his post-match press conference trashing the QB who beat his team. He might have a bit of growing up to do.

27.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers (UP 2)

Jon Gruden was in Tampa on Monday night to be inducted into the team’s Ring of Honour. I wonder if he will be on the sidelines in that stadium more often from 2018 onwards?

28.   New York Giants (UP 3)

The Giants put up quite the fight against the Eagles in Week 15 and I still think their head coaching position is going to be an attractive one when the stars in New York return fit and healthy.

29.   Cincinnati Bengals (DOWN 4)

Marvin Lewis’ status remains up in the air but it is clear his players have already made up their minds about playing out the slate in 2017… they’re hardly going to bother. And it shows!

30.   Indianapolis Colts (DOWN 4)

The Colts couldn’t finish a sentence! They have lost seven games this season in which they led at the half. Some teams just find ways to lose and it points to some form of mental weakness.

31.   Chicago Bears (DOWN 3)

The Bears have cemented last place in the NFC North for the fourth straight year and have lost at least 10 four straight years. No wonder their fans talk about 1985 so much.

32.   Cleveland Browns (SAME)

There is not much to write home about when it comes to these Browns but Christian Kirksey should make the Pro Bowl at linebacker. He registered 13 tackles last week and has 124 on the season to rank fourth in the NFL.

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