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Week 14 Power Rankings

Posted Dec 6, 2016

Sky Sports' Neil Reynolds ranks the NFL teams from 1 to 32!

Do you agree or disagree with Neil?

1.       Dallas Cowboys (Same)

Coaches and players always say it is hard to win games in the NFL, but these Cowboys have won 11 straight. Barring taking Week 17 off, I can see this club winning out and going 15-1 on the year.

2.       Oakland Raiders (Same)

There are reasons to be worried about some of the big plays given up by the defense, but it should also be noted that pass-rusher Khalil Mack is playing at a Hall of Fame level.

3.       Seattle Seahawks (Up 1)

The loss of Earl Thomas is a devastating one for a defense built around him but there is plenty of talent and depth on this team. They remain one of the leading challengers to the Cowboys.

4.       New England Patriots (Down 1)

The Patriots are rarely looking spectacular recently and you have to worry about a mounting injury list, topped by Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola. But Tom Brady carries them a long way.

5.       Kansas City Chiefs (Up 1)

All the Chiefs do is win games! Alex Smith had just 4 incompletions last week and for the second game in a row, the opportunistic Chiefs scored touchdowns on offense, defense and special teams.

6.       Denver Broncos (Up 1)

The Broncos had just 10 first downs and punted 11 times last week at Jacksonville. The defense is potent but I just cannot trust the offense enough to rank Denver any higher than six for now.

7.       Pittsburgh Steelers (Up 4)

As the Steelers continue to struggle to find an every-down receiver opposite Antonio Brown, expect to see more of Le’Veon Bell and Ladarius Green down the stretch. Dangerous team.

8.       Atlanta Falcons (Same)

Atlanta are flawed but fabulously entertaining, so long as you are a neutral. They still have the weaponry to trouble any scoreboard, but they play out too many wildly close and dramatic games.

9.       Baltimore Ravens (Up 4)

Joe Flacco threw for more than 380 yards and 4 touchdowns last week in his best performance of the year. If the offense truly wakes up alongside this D, the rest of the AFC better watch out!

10.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Up 4)

Welcome to the top 10, Tampa Bay! Jameis Winston and Mike Evans are becoming a force to be reckoned with and a defense that struggled early in the season is now wide awake and productive.

11.   New York Giants (Down 7)

Yuk, yuk, yuk… that was a pretty horrible display in Pittsburgh. And there may be more trouble ahead in NY because when consummate pro Victor Cruz starts grumbling, that is a problem.

12.   Detroit Lions  (Same)

Could it just be that these Lions are for real? They won their first comfortable game of the season on Sunday, easing to a road win at New Orleans. And the D came up with 3 timely interceptions.

13.   Washington Redskins (Down 4)

Some of the shine has come off the Redskins in the past fortnight. Sure, they have still been very entertaining to watch on offense, but they give up far too many big plays on a depleted defense.

14.   Green Bay Packers (Up 6)

That’s two in a row for the Packers as they continue their climb back towards relevance and a potential Week 17 winner-takes-all clash with Detroit. Seattle looms large on Sunday, though.

15.   Tennessee Titans  (Down 1)

The Titans can get after the quarterback and make some splashy plays on defense. And they are growing into a very entertaining offense – all this team lacks is some all-important consistency.

16.   Miami Dolphins (Down 6)

That’s one way to make everyone forget about a six-game winning streak in a hurry. Miami were hammered in Baltimore, Ryan Tannehill regressed and how they bounce back will be key.

17.   Indianapolis Colts (Same)

I may bang on a bit too much about Andrew Luck being a personal favourite of mine but go back and watch some of the throws he made in New York on Monday. Special, special player.

18.   Arizona Cardinals (Up 7)

That was more like it from Bruce Arians and his team as they regained their swagger against Washington, playing aggressively on offense and blitzing the quarterback on defense.

19.   Buffalo Bills (Down 4)

Dangerous on their day behind Tyrod Taylor and a strong rushing attack, the Bills just cannot find enough consistency to end the longest playoff drought in American professional sports.

20.   Minnesota Vikings (Down 1)

Sam Bradford throws the ball four yards downfield on first and 10, he throws it four yards downfield if it is second and 10. And if it is third and 10? He throws it four yards downfield.

21.   San Diego Chargers  (Same)

Philip Rivers is still getting the job done in San Diego and, like the Saints, this will be a dangerous opponent the rest of the way. But this is not a playoff team by any stretch of the imagination.

22.   Houston Texans (Same)

That’s a three-game slide for the Texans and they are proving to be a very middle-of-the-pack club who gets spotty play out of an expensive but unproven quarterback in Brock Osweiler.

23.   New Orleans Saints (Same)

I did not see that three-interception performance coming from Drew Brees at home against the Detroit Lions. The Saints remain a very dangerous opponent, but not a playoff contender this year.

24.   Cincinnati Bengals (Up 2)

It’s been a lost season for the Bengals but somebody forgot to tell linebacker Vontaze Burfict, who recorded 15 tackles and posted 2 interceptions in a win over Philadelphia on Sunday.

25.   Philadelphia Eagles (Down 7)

The Eagles are in free fall after a strong start in which we felt they were Super Bowl contenders. The defense has taken a step back and the offense lacks weapons around Carson Wentz.

26.   Carolina Panthers (Down 2)

The Panthers have hit a new low and I find it ironic that Cam Newton is benched for a fashion faux pas when you consider some of the ridiculous outfits he has sported this season. On to 2017!

27.   New York Jets (Same)

That’s the whole Ryan Fitzpatrick mess done with then as the Jets are going with Bryce Petty the rest of the way. The QB disaster is certainly distracting from some pretty bad defensive displays.

28.   Chicago Bears (Up 1)

There is a low bar with which he is being compared, but Matt Barkley is showing me something under center for the Chicago Bears. And Jordan Howard is well worth a watch at running back.

29.   Los Angeles Rams (Down 1)

Jeff Fisher has eight losses on the year which means he will have now gone five straight seasons without a winning campaign with the Rams. Still good enough for a two-year extension. Madness!

30.   Jacksonville Jaguars (Same)

The Jags are the exact opposite of the Patriots, who are well led by Bill Belichick and Brady. The pairing of Gus Bradley and Blake Bortles is not working and one of them will probably have to go.

31.   San Francisco 49ers (Same)

Picking between Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert is like choosing between a violent stomach bug and full-on man flu! Either will leave you feeling sick as a dog and longing for better days.

32.   Cleveland Browns (Same)

The Browns are coming off their bye week and this upcoming home game against Cincinnati offers their best chance of getting win number one on the season. It will still be a tough ask.

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