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Week 13 Power Rankings

Posted Nov 29, 2016

Sky Sports' Neil Reynolds ranks the NFL teams from 1 to 32!

Do you agree or disagree with Neil?

1.       Dallas Cowboys (Same)

I never really bought the whole ‘Dallas haven’t really played anybody yet’ argument and they are proving to be the class of the league, for now. The offensive line provides the foundation for so much of what they can do and, on current form, they’re hosting the NFC title game.

2.       Oakland Raiders (Up 2)

I have some worries about the number of big plays given up by the defense and the frequency in which the Raiders are having to battle through dramatic games. But this is still a quarterback’s league and the Raiders have one of the best and a potential league MVP in Derek Carr.

3.       New England Patriots (Same)

The Patriots are not quite as dynamic when the tight end is taken out of their game plan. Rob Gronkowski got hurt again on Sunday and Martellus Bennett has been struggling with an ankle injury since Week 5. But as long as this team has Tom Terrific, they are Super Bowl contenders.

4.       Seattle Seahawks (Down 2)

Just when I start to think the Seahawks are back on track and all is right in Russell Wilson’s world, they get beaten down by Tampa Bay, fail to score a touchdown and get their quarterback sacked 6 times. They are still among the class of the league but are very beatable away from home.

5.       New York Giants (Up 2)

I’ve had the Washington Redskins in this spot for the last few weeks and even though the Giants did get pushed around by Cleveland and Chicago just a little bit over the past fortnight, I cannot ignore six straight wins. OBJ is playing well and the defense has come to life for the Big Blue.

6.       Kansas City Chiefs (Up 2)

Having Justin Houston back and rushing the passer is going to make the Chiefs even more formidable during the stretch run. The offense could use a return to full health from Jeremy Maclin but getting the ball into the hands of Tyreek Hill as many ways as possible is also a good idea.

7.       Denver Broncos (Down 1)

Trevor Siemian played one of his better games of the season against Kansas City on Sunday night but the defense that was so strong in the first half yielded just enough to lose a heartbreaker. It’s kind of been that sort of season for Denver – they are good and talented, but beatable.

8.       Atlanta Falcons (Up 1)

Every time I look at a television I see Matt Ryan smiling – and I’m not surprised given the offensive weapons at his disposal. The defense also flew to the football in the second half against Arizona, which I found quite surprising as this unit is the weaker link of this playoff-chasing squad.

9.       Washington Redskins (Down 4)

Kirk Cousins is going to get paid. There are few quarterbacks around the league who have played as well over the past 12 months. Like Ryan in Atlanta, Cousins has an array of weapons around him and manages to keep them all involved and happy. This is still a playoff team, in my mind.

10.   Miami Dolphins (Up 1)

Six wins in a row is not to be sniffed at and there are players rising up on both sides of the ball who were previously downtrodden. Ryan Tannehill is looking very good at QB, Jay Ajayi has run his way out of Adam Gase’s doghouse and Kiko Alonso is back to his playmaking best at MLB.

11.   Pittsburgh Steelers (Down 1)

As long as Ben Roethlisberger is launching passes to Antonio Brown, these Steelers have a Super Bowl shot. Finding a consistent receiving threat opposite Brown would be huge and difference-making, but there have been too many injuries to the other wide-outs in Pittsburgh.

12.   Detroit Lions (Same)

The narrative suggests you cannot keep playing games down to the wire and winning. The Lions have trailed in the fourth quarter of every game this season but will tell you to stick that narrative where the sun doesn’t shine. They don’t blink in close games, hence their 7-4 record.

13.   Baltimore Ravens (Same)

To suggest they win ugly is to be kind to the Baltimore Ravens. They won’t win any style points but they could yet take the NFC North behind some of the best defensive play we have seen in the NFL this season. If Joe Flacco can get anywhere close to hot, the rest of the AFC should look out.

14.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Up 5)

Jameis Winston has thrown 14 touchdown passes and just 3 interceptions in the past seven games but the recent story in Tampa has been the defensive resurgence. The Bucs held Seattle to 1 passing yard in the first half, kept them out of the end zone and bullied Russell Wilson with 6 sacks.

15.   Buffalo Bills (Up 2)

The Bills are diverse on offense and Tyrod Taylor is much more than just a running quarterback – he throws a pretty deep ball as we saw when connecting with a fit-again Sammy Watkins. The Bills are still alive and even if they don’t make the playoffs, they could be dangerous spoilers.

16.   Tennessee Titans (Up 2)

The Titans dodged a bullet in Chicago to even up their record at 6-6. It might be time for Mike Mularkey to deliver a rocket to his team – don’t wait until next year to succeed. The AFC South is there for the taking now and I think the Titans are the best of a mediocre bunch.

17.   Indianapolis Colts (Down 1)

The Colts didn’t get completely blown out by Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving night but they did serve to remind us that they go as their quarterback goes. If Andrew Luck stays healthy, the Colts have a playoff shot – but I wouldn’t expect them to make much noise when they get there.

18.   Philadelphia Eagles (Down 3)

At 5-6, the Eagles are probably done in terms of the NFC playoff race, but I don’t think we would look back on this season as a complete disaster for this club. I feel like Carson Wentz is going to be a long-term and successful answer at QB and wetting his feet this season has been a good thing.

19.   Minnesota Vikings (Down 5)

Sam Bradford can play efficiently at quarterback for the Vikings and is surviving behind a less-than-stellar offensive line and with little to no running game support. But until this offense takes a few more shots downfield they are going to be limited and, ultimately, unsuccessful.

20.   Green Bay Packers (Up 5)

Five games to play and two behind the Detroit Lions. Are the Packers done? I’m not ready to stick a fork into an Aaron Rodgers team until they have officially stopped breathing. While there is mathematical hope, I’m not going to bank against Rodgers getting the job done in some way.

21.   San Diego Chargers (Same)

Every time I see Philip Rivers complete a pass I end up reaching for the Chargers’ depth chart. While some quarterbacks are blessed with throwing passes to the likes of Julio Jones and Odell Beckham Jr., Rivers is making people pay attention to Dontrell Inman and Tyrell Williams.

22.   Houston Texans (Down 2)

Can somebody get me the number of Brock Osweiler’s agent before I renegotiate my next contract? $18 million per year for Brock? It was not all bad for Osweiler last week against San Diego but what good work he did put forth was undone by another 3 interceptions.

23.   New Orleans Saints (Up 1)

He may not be leading a Super Bowl contender, but surely Drew Brees should be in the NFL Most Valuable Player conversation? Brees is making the shredding of opposing defenses a weekly habit and has an exciting group of offensive players around him, including a revitalised Mark Ingram.

24.   Carolina Panthers (Down 2)

That third quarter showing against Oakland reminded us all that Cam Newton is a special talent and that the Panthers could have their dangerous moments the rest of the way. But protecting their star man has been a problem in 2016 and the magic of last season is long forgotten.

25.   Arizona Cardinals (Down 2)

Ditto the Arizona Cardinals – they have more than enough talent to be a playoff team once again this season and there was evidence of that at times against Atlanta last week. But there were also a great many examples of the sloppiness that has plagued the Cardinals in this lost season.

26.   Cincinnati Bengals (Same)

The wheels are officially off the Cincinnati Bengals and they appear done for the year. Much can be made of the loss of A.J. Green but it should be noted that the offensive line was poor again last week and when he was not being sacked, Andy Dalton had his passes knocked down.

27.   New York Jets (Up 1)

In this column last week I remarked about why the Jets would stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick in what is shaping up to be a lost season. Fitz reminded me why last week against New England – it is far from perfect with him at the helm, but he offers this beleaguered team the best shot at winning.

28.   Los Angeles Rams (Down 1)

Jeff Fisher continued to move towards becoming the coach in NFL history with the most losses, saw his defense ripped for 49 points and fell out with Los Angeles football legend Eric Dickerson. That is not what you mark down as a good week, coach!

29.   Chicago Bears (Same)

Matt Barkley had some very nice moments in his first NFL start and would have led the Bears to victory if receivers Marquess Wilson and Josh Bellamy could catch in the end zone. The former in that pairing marked his big drop by booting the ball straight up a security guard’s back alley!

30.   Jacksonville Jaguars (Same)

The Jags avoided their normal slow start but were still far too inconsistent in Buffalo. There is no getting away from the fact that the Jags fought hard on Sunday and that is a credit for head coach Gus Bradley. But I worry that one of my favourites in the NFL is running out of time.

31.   San Francisco 49ers (Same)

The hot seat continues to warm for Chip Kelly as the loser of 10 in a row, but there has been some light at the end of the tunnel with more competitive performances over the past three weeks. And Colin Kaepernick looked good enough to win with at Miami. Now for the rest of the team.

32.   Cleveland Browns (Same)

The Browns are now just four games away from taking a seat at the most miserable table in NFL history, joining the 2008 Detroit Lions as only the second 0-16 team in league history. The offensive line is the biggest problem and the main reason the Browns have used six QBs this year.

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