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Week 13 Power Rankings

Posted Dec 5, 2017

Who tops the Power Rankings after Week 13?

Post-Week 13 Power Rankings

1.       New England Patriots

The Patriots have now held opponents under 20 points in eight straight games. It’s probably time to start talking about the defense and the job that is being done by Matt Patricia.

2.       Minnesota Vikings

Take his name and number off his jersey and I’m convinced we’re talking about Case Keenum as an elite quarterback in the NFL. He has posted a QB rating of 100 in four straight games now.

3.       Philadelphia Eagles

Not too much of a demotion for losing on the road in Seattle, but this team has not been forced to overcome much adversity this term. Let’s see if they rebound in LA against the tough Rams.

4.       Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers survived a brutal, hard-hitting affair against the Cincinnati Bengals and are, of course, loaded with talent. But they remain the second best team in the AFC, in my mind.

5.       New Orleans Saints

The Saints being ahead of the Rams is going to ruffle some feathers. Let me just say that I like both teams and I know the Rams beat New Orleans recently. I just love that RB pairing in the Big Easy.

6.       Los Angeles Rams

Will Rams fans accept sixth place and my sincerest apologies? Thought not! There is a lot to like about this dangerous team that routinely scores 30 points per game under Sean McVay.

7.       Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags are gripping to the old adage that defense wins championships. And they might just do that if Blake Bortles continues to throw the ball like he did against the Colts last weekend

8.       Atlanta Falcons

There is too much talent on this team for a precipitous drop after their home loss to the Vikings. But a tough finish could see the Falcons slide down these rankings and out of the playoff race.

9.       Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks reminded us all on Sunday night that they are still a very good team, even without a raft of injured stars, no run game and a porous offensive line. Russell Wilson cures a lot of ills.

10.   Los Angeles Chargers

I hope the Chargers – who have gone 6-2 in the past eight weeks – don’t get a nose bleed being this high up in the rankings. Wide receiver Keenan Allen is becoming close to uncoverable now.

11.   Carolina Panthers

That was a sloppy and quite flat display against New Orleans last week. And it was especially disappointing given that the Panthers responded well to an early Saints TD and then hit the skids.

12.   Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have won three straight and my Twitter feed is full of Baltimore fans asking me how I like their offense now? You gain 370 yards (a season high) and you want to throw a party?

13.   Tennessee Titans

An 8-4 record is not to be sneezed at and a win is a win, but I might be a tad worried that the Titans only got on the field long enough to run 50 offensive plays against Houston.

14.   Dallas Cowboys

This is a big couple of weeks coming up. If Dallas can get to 8-6, Zeke could power them home when he returns from suspension. Time for Dak to be a franchise QB and lead from the front.

15.   Oakland Raiders

Without Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree, Derek Carr should be credited for throwing for close to 300 yards. But the Silver and Black have not inspired with close wins over Denver and the Giants.

16.   New York Jets

Round of applause emoji for Todd Bowles and Josh McCown. The Jets were the butt of many (mostly from me) jokes in the preseason but they are a genuinely competitive and feisty bunch.

17.   Green Bay Packers

The Packers are not out of this thing, either. If they beat the Browns this coming weekend to get to 7-6, Aaron Rodgers could return for the final three games and three wins might get them in.

18.   Kansas City Chiefs

At least we now know that Alex Smith is not problem number one for the Chiefs as he racked up 366 yards and 4 touchdowns last week. The Swiss cheese D that cannot get off the field is an issue.

19.   Buffalo Bills

With every Nathan Peterman pass in the month of December, Bills fans are going to ask Santa Claus for a Jim Kelly comeback attempt. Let the Buffalo playoff drought continue!

20.   Detroit Lions

It is possible that Matthew Stafford, who badly damaged his throwing hand last week, could pass with his left hand on Sunday and still be the second-best quarterback in the NFC North.

21.   Washington Redskins

Don’t bother watching ‘Free Willy’ this Christmas. Check out the newly-produced ‘Free Kirk Cousins’ film and the sequel, ‘Free Andrew Luck,’ is also apparently an absolute cracker!

22.   Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals remain an ill-disciplined band of renegades who need two things to get their franchise back on track – a new head coach and a truly elite quarterback because Andy Dalton is just a guy.

23.   Houston Texans

Tom Savage looked like an NFL quarterback for a while last week and DeAndre Hopkins is a stud at receiver. That’s all I’ve got. Keep an eye on Bill O’Brien news as the season draws to a close.

24.   Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins played very well on defense last week but the quality of the opposition (Denver) should definitely be taken into account. New England will set them straight on Monday night.

25.   Arizona Cardinals

Bruce Arians will always have this team playing tough but he just doesn’t have the horses and any thought that Blaine Gabbert is the long-term answer at QB should be extinguished right now.

26.   Indianapolis Colts

Think how far the Colts have fallen - things have become so bad in Indianapolis that Chuck Pagano’s men lost by 20 last weekend and the world barely even shrugged its shoulders.

27.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Eradicating turnovers was supposed to be a point of emphasis for the Bucs this year, which means that Dirk Koetter is either a bad coach or Jameis Winston is a poor player. Or could it be both?

28.   San Francisco 49ers

You cannot stop Robbie Gould, you can only hope to contain him! Thank goodness for the veteran kicker, a tough defense and an inept Chicago Bears attack last weekend.

29.   Chicago Bears

So John Fox didn’t let San Francisco score late on because he felt his team had a better chance of blocking a field goal to win rather than drive for a TD with 1.40 remaining? There’s your vote of confidence, Mitchell Trubisky!

30.   Denver Broncos

The slide is now monumental and in full effect in Denver and Vance Joseph is unlikely to survive this drop. But John Elway should also take some of the blame for the talent at the QB position.

31.   New York Giants

Who says you can’t go home again? Eli Manning is now back as the starter and his streak begins at one. Whatever next in New York? Tom Coughlin comeback, anyone?

32.   Cleveland Browns

The Browns compete. The Browns find a way to lose. Rinse and repeat 16 times and you pretty much have this 2016 season down to a tee. No one is going to survive this mess in Cleveland.

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