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Week 11 Power Rankings

Posted Nov 21, 2017

Who tops the Power Rankings after Week 11?

1.       New England Patriots

The Eagles have done nothing wrong to be knocked off the top spot. But head to head, I would take the red-hot Patriots over any team in football right now, so that makes them number one.

2.       Philadelphia Eagles

If any Eagles fans are still with me after dropping them down the rankings, I still like this team – particularly the growing defense and multi-faceted run game that is supporting Carson Wentz.

3.       Minnesota Vikings

The defensive effort against the Rams was a masterclass that reminded us all that Mike Zimmer was a damn good defensive coordinator before he became a very able head coach.

4.       New Orleans Saints

Good teams find ways to win games and the Saints have now stacked up eight victories in a row. Drew Brees produced some late magic, but Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara are the driving force.

5.       Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are the number one seed in the AFC at the moment but if they meet in the playoffs, I feel like New England can see off a talented Pittsburgh squad that still has some flaws.

6.       Los Angeles Rams

Sean McVay liked the way his team handled adversity against Houston a few weeks ago. He’ll find out even more now after that dispiriting loss to Minnesota and with the Saints coming to town.

7.       Carolina Panthers

The defense is beastly, Jonathan Stewart and Christian McCaffrey are waking up the ground attack and Cam is at his best when he is having the kind of fun we’re seeing now. Dangerous team.

8.       Jacksonville Jaguars

If I’m New England and Tom Brady, this is the one defense I don’t want rolling into Foxboro in the playoffs. And clock-eating running back Leonard Fournette would also be a real concern.

9.       Atlanta Falcons

With back to back wins over Dallas and Seattle, the Falcons are starting to feel good about themselves. Julio looks spectacular again and the defense is starting to make some plays.

10.   Seattle Seahawks

I don’t rate a lot of this team, especially in terms of the offensive line and skill position players in the backfield, but Russell Wilson is a little genius who is a weekly joy to watch and a true star.

11.   Detroit Lions

The Lions last had a 100-yard rusher when Matthew Stafford was in nappies. Okay, it hasn’t been that long but it will have been four years come Thanksgiving Day later this week.

12.   Tennessee Titans

This team is good enough to beat the poor teams in the NFL but where are their statement victories. At best, they would be a lopsided one and done in the playoffs.

13.   Kansas City Chiefs

Anyone remember when that Kareem Hunt kid played in the NFL? He was pretty good back in the day. That’s three straight games under 100 scrimmage yards for the formerly-red-hot rookie.

14.   Washington Redskins

Imagine the Washington Redskins if they didn’t have Kirk Cousins and his weekly 300-yard performances? We might not need to use our imaginations on that one come the off-season.

15.   Baltimore Ravens

I was thinking of tuning in to watch the Ravens play this weekend but I’ve just remembered that I’ve got some paint that I can watch dry first. I do like that dominant defense, though!

16.   Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers have been frustratingly inconsistent this season but frustratingly inconsistent might be just enough to grab the sixth seed in the AFC playoffs. And this team does have talent.

17.   Dallas Cowboys

The loss of Tyron Smith has devastated this club, which has allowed Dak Prescott to be sacked 12 times in defeats to Atlanta and Philadelphia. The Cowboys probably have to win out now.

18.   New York Jets

The Jets are a middle of the pack team but they do have moments where they get just enough out of their offense. Again, that might be enough to sneak into the playoffs and quickly back out again.

19.   Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton to A.J. Green remains this team’s best chance of winning games and mounting the kind of late charge that will be needed to help Marvin Lewis save his job.

20.   Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are a massive disappointment at 4-6 and you have to wonder if Jack Del Rio will feel his seat get hot, particularly of rumours of Jon Gruden returning to coaching gather pace.

21.   Houston Texans

The Texans have some outstanding receivers helping Tom Savage look kind of okay every now and then (that’s as good as the praise will get), but where is the defensive help in Houston?

22.   Arizona Cardinals

Bruce Arians rolled the dice last week by going for it on fourth and one deep in his own territory late in a loss, but those kind of chances need to be taken when overcoming a dearth of talent.

23.   Indianapolis Colts

Jacoby Brissett is exciting to watch when kept upright and has shown he can throw an effective deep ball. Of course, keeping any Colts QB upright has been a massive challenge for many years.

24.   Buffalo Bills

Sean McDermott (perhaps with some help from his bosses) has screwed up Buffalo’s quarterback situation and possibly their season. Another year out of the playoffs beckons in Buffalo.

25.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ryan Fitzpatrick is never pretty in getting the job done, but he does get the job done and his value as a backup who can start in an emergency should not be overlooked in this QB-hungry league.

26.   Green Bay Packers

The Packers are a tremendous example of the value of a franchise quarterback. With Aaron Rodgers? Genuine Super Bowl contender. Without number 12? Hardly worth a mention.

27.   Chicago Bears

I know Bears fans have been forced to suffer through some miserable seasons, but I genuinely think the future is bright with Mitchell Trubisky, Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen leading the way.

28.   Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have lost four in a row and it’s time for Adam Gase to realise that Jay Cutler (3 first half interceptions against Tampa Bay) is not and never has been the answer at quarterback.

29.   Denver Broncos

John Elway labelled his team “soft” this week and the Broncos players, who have now lost six in a row, barely even shrugged their shoulders at what is normally the worst of all NFL insults.

30.   San Francisco 49ers

All is relatively quiet on the Jimmy G front in San Francisco. This weekend would make sense to put him in there coming off a bye, but the 49ers may be wary of the Seattle defense.

31.   New York Giants

The Giants held a ‘players only’ meetings last week and the result was a hard-fought win over Kansas City. Their coach may be on borrowed time in NY, but that was an encouraging display.

32.   Cleveland Browns

The Browns talked a good game in the off-season and were sure they would improve on their one-win campaign of 2016. It turns out, amazingly, that they could be even worse in 2017. Ouch!

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