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Week 10 Power Rankings

Posted Nov 14, 2017

Who tops the Power Rankings after Week 10?

1.       Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are not getting punished for being on a bye. Now we find out if this team is for real as we enter the business end of the year. They certainly look the part with Carson Wentz at the helm.

2.       New England Patriots

The Patriots have won five in a row and Tom Brady is red hot. The rest of the NFL can have their occasional feel-good moments, but would you bet against New England winning it all yet again?

3.       New Orleans Saints

This is the kind of physical, rough and tough, smash-mouth team that Sean Payton (a Bill Parcells disciple) has been longing to build in New Orleans for years. Oh, and they still have Drew Brees!

4.       Los Angeles Rams

You can tell the coaching genius (yes, I used the ‘G’ word) of Sean McVay when Jared Goff to Robert Woods starts to look a lot like the second coming of Joe Montana to Jerry Rice

5.       Pittsburgh Steelers

I still worry that Pittsburgh occasionally play down to the level of their opposition but this team has the fate of homefield advantage in the AFC firmly in its own hands

6.       Minnesota Vikings

The fans want Teddy Bridgewater in at quarterback but the case for Case to keep the job is strong. Minnesota’s defense had an off day in Washington and now the Rams are coming to town.

7.       Kansas City Chiefs

The bye week came at a good time for the Chiefs, who got to lick their wounds after losing three of their last four. This is still the runaway AFC West leader and will be a dangerous playoff foe.

8.       Jacksonville Jaguars

That overtime win at home against the Chargers was not pretty as both teams tried to hand victory to the other, but the Jags won the kind of close one that had gotten away from them in the past.

9.       Carolina Panthers

If Cam Newton maintains his current form, the Panthers will climb up this list. Ron Rivera has happily abandoned his plans to make Cam into a pocket passer and his star man is running wild.

10.   Seattle Seahawks

I still don’t trust Seattle from week to week and the defense especially needs Earl Thomas back now Richard Sherman is gone. But I do believe in Russell Wilson’s ability to keep this team alive.

11.   Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta won’t face an offensive lineman as bad as Chaz Green every week so of greater note from last week’s win over Dallas was the fact that the offense looked much more like the 2016 edition.

12.   Tennessee Titans

Marcus Mariota is approaching full fitness and that allows the Titans to do some things on offense that have been missing in recent weeks. In my opinion, this is at least a wild card team in 2017.

13.   Detroit Lions

The Lions have stopped the bleeding with back-to-back wins, but I can’t move them any higher for now after Cleveland gave them all they could handle last weekend.

14.   Washington Redskins

It’s starting to feel like Kirk Cousins is a bit of a one-man band in Washington. With each passing week, he displays his value to an otherwise-flawed team and I don’t see him hitting the market now.

15.   Dallas Cowboys

It’s Tuesday, there are no NFL games being played and I’m pretty sure Chaz Green just gave up another sack. Ezekiel Elliott is a big miss, but the lack of Tyron Smith is downright disastrous.

16.   Buffalo Bills

The Bills have gone from being a run-stuffing force to giving up 492 yards on the ground in their past two outings. And they said Marcell Dareus was just loafing and counting his cash in Buffalo!

17.   Oakland Raiders

This week saw the Raiders break ground on their new stadium due to be built in Las Vegas. The previous eight weeks saw countless players break tackles against the Raiders non-existent D.

18.   Baltimore Ravens

The offense is about as exciting as a three-hour special of the Antiques Roadshow (with all due respect). Ravens fans are clinging to the mantra which tells us that defense wins championships.

19.   New York Jets

That was an annoying toe-stubber of a loss for the Jets in Tampa. The offense was poor but the bigger disappointment was the form of a defense that recorded just a single sack against the Bucs.

20.   Los Angeles Chargers

The general narrative is that we should feel sorry for Philip Rivers as his team lets him down. But Rivers should shoulder some blame this time after a horrible overtime interception in Jacksonville.

21.   Arizona Cardinals

Has a team that is two games out of the playoff spots ever felt further away? The Cardinals look worlds away from the post-season and now turn to Blaine Gabbert at quarterback.

22.   Green Bay Packers

Brett Hundley produced the best game of his career last week but his efforts are not going to be enough to get this five-win team that is just one game back into the playoffs at the end of the year.

23.   Indianapolis Colts

That was a spirited display against the Steelers but that 20-17 loss should not detract from the fact this is a lost season and the rebuild could be long and painful in Indianapolis.

24.   Cincinnati Bengals

I think Marvin Lewis is out of chances in Cincinnati and Black Monday will see his reign end and a new regime will come in and attempt to get the Bengals back on track.

25.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The ‘Jon Gruden to Tampa’ talk has begun and Dirk Koetter remains on the hot seat even after last week’s win against the Jets. Jameis Winston being sidelined for a while won’t help the cause.

26.   Chicago Bears

Mitchell Trubisky showed some flashes of promise last week but the fact of the matter is that, right now, he just doesn’t have enough passing game targets at his disposal. That has to change.

27.   Houston Texans

A few weeks ago I was wondering if the impossible was even possible and Deshaun Watson could take this team to the Super Bowl as a rookie. Now, I’m wondering if they can win another game!

28.   Miami Dolphins

So Kenyan Drake scores a touchdown against the Panthers on Monday night and starts celebrating with the money sign in the end zone. Your touchdown made it 31-14 to the other team, you fool!

29.   Denver Broncos

The Broncos have lost five straight and things are so bad under center that fans are fondly recalling the days of Tim Tebow, who could run like a fullback and throw like a… fullback!

30.   San Francisco 49ers

Those were fun scenes from the San Francisco locker room after their first win of the season last week and were an indication of the good mood Kyle Shanahan is instilling in his team.

31.   Cleveland Browns

The Browns climb out of last place thanks to at least making an effort this past weekend. But, of course, they found a way to lose and now they are without Jamie Collins the rest of the way.

32.   New York Giants

This season is miserable enough for Giants fans without having to deal with the very obvious fact that there players aren’t trying or bothered if they win or lose. I think Ben McAdoo has lost this team.

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