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Week 1 Power Rankings

Posted Sep 12, 2017

Who tops the Power Rankings after Week 1?

1.       Kansas City Chiefs

I don’t expect them to stay here for long, but how can the Chiefs be anywhere but number one after putting up 42 points and 537 yards on the road against the defending champs?

2.       Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers grinding out 311 passing yards against Seattle’s defense was impressive, but equally noteworthy was the toughness of the Packers defenders on opening weekend.

3.        Pittsburgh Steelers

Same as above. The Steelers always get production out of Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown, but their defense looks improved. They do need to get Le’Veon Bell going though.

4.       Oakland Raiders

Marshawn Lynch gave the Silver and Black some balance and they didn’t require a shootout to win in Nashville. After an impressive road win, Oakland are definitely top five material.

5.       Minnesota Vikings

The defense is tougher than a two-dollar steak and the offense showed some promising signs on Monday. Sam Bradford looked very intriguing against the Saints and his targets are dangerous.

6.       Atlanta Falcons

A win is a win. But the truth is that Atlanta were hanging on at the end and probably should have lost to Chicago. This is still a playoff-calibre team, but that was an up and down start.

7.       New England Patriots

Most teams who give up 42 points and 537 yards at home get a freefall of dynamic proportions. But these Patriots have built up some equity and it takes more than one loss to write them off.

8.       Dallas Cowboys

No defenders, no problem! The Cowboys lost seven key defenders in the offseason, including their entire secondary. Yet they stuck it to the Giants. Oh, and they still have Dak and Zeke!

9.       Detroit Lions

I have this image of Matthew Stafford sitting in the stands at Ford Field for three quarters watching his team struggle. Then he says, “Hold my beer,” and goes out and leads them to victory. Again!

10.   Seattle Seahawks

I only keep the Seahawks in the top 10 because their defense is so tough and Russell Wilson is special. But his offensive line is terrible and could eventually undo a Super Bowl challenge.

11.   Baltimore Ravens

Whenever I met a Ravens defender over the summer they told me their defense was not only going to be special this season, it had a chance to be historically good. They’ve made a good start.

12.   Miami Dolphins

Hard to get a read on the Dolphins until they play a game, but I do still believe this is a team with a playoff chance in 2017 – even with Jay Cutler subbing for the injured Ryan Tannehill this year.

13.   Philadelphia Eagles

It was not all plain sailing in Week 1 but I think Carson Wentz continues to grow at quarterback and that makes the Eagles a dangerous but far from complete team.

14.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Like the Dolphins, the Bucs had to kick their heels in Week 1 but this is another team with genuine playoff hopes. Much will depend on quarterback Jameis Winston playing efficiently in 2017.

15.   Denver Broncos

Who knew that Trevor Siemian could run like Michael Vick? The Broncos got off to a winning start but needed some shrewd coaching and a big special teams play at the end to survive.

16.   Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags allowed Blake Bortles to throw 21 passes and fed Leonard Fournette 26 carries for 100 yards. This team is going to win in a physical fashion and they don’t care if you like it or not.

17.   Tennessee Titans

Losing at home to the Raiders was bad, but not season-defining. This is a talented team capable of bouncing back. But would a little consistency be too much to ask for?

18.   New York Giants

Odell Beckham Jr.’s agent must have been rubbing his hands with glee after New York’s abject performance in Week 1. That game tape proves just how valuable OBJ is to the Big Blue.

19.   Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton did just enough on Sunday and the Panthers won without blowing the doors off. Christian McCaffrey was used often but needs to offer more to his team in terms of production.

20.   Buffalo Bills

It was not surprising to see the Bills win on Sunday against the Jets. And it was not surprising to see them keep it on the ground. This is a middle-of-the-pack club at best in 2017.

21.   Arizona Cardinals

Carson Palmer threw up a hat-trick of interceptions that drove Bruce Arians quite mad. The loss of David Johnson to a potentially-serious wrist injury did little to lighten Bruce’s mood.

22.   Washington Redskins

Kirk Cousins is likely playing for a 2018 long-term contract in another city this season. He will have his suitors, but few would have approved of his off-the-back-foot interception in the red zone.

23.   New Orleans Saints

If Adrian Peterson ends up being a glorified third-string running back for the Saints this season, I’m not sure his signing was or will be worth the hassle. Storm clouds could be brewing in NO.

24.   Los Angeles Rams

A 46-9 win should grant a meteoric rise up the rankings, but the Indianapolis Colts were so bad that I don’t fully buy into the Rams just yet. This team will have to show me a few more times.

25.   Los Angeles Chargers

Does any team in football find more ways to lose than the Chargers? They nail the game-tying field goal only to have icing the kicker undo South Korean rookie Younghoe Koo at the worst time.

26.   Cleveland Browns

Browns head coach Hue Jackson says that DeShone Kizer “gives us hope.” I can see that after Cleveland ran the Pittsburgh Steelers close on opening weekend. The future looks a little brighter.

27.   San Francisco 49ers

There was plenty of offseason excitement surrounding the rebuild under way in San Francisco. So how come Levi Stadium consisted of around 500 people at the start of Sunday’s second half?

28.   Chicago Bears

You can’t catch it for them, Mike Glennon! You did your part on Sunday and put your team in position to pull off the upset. A lack of receivers is clearly going to be a season-long problem.

29.   Houston Texans

Does anyone else wonder if Tom Savage was secretly glad about being benched after taking a beating behind that offensive line? Giving up 10 sacks in a home thrashing is downright pitiful.

30.   Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton was awful on Sunday. Wait, let me try to sugarcoat that a bit… Andy Dalton was terrible. Wait… Oh why bother? You saw how bad he was. Five turnovers in a home shutout loss!

31.   New York Jets

It wasn’t downright embarrassing against the Buffalo Bills, but the Jets were still bad. That’s about as positive as I can be about this team right now.

32.   Indianapolis Colts

Do you realise things wouldn’t have been that much worse if the Colts had punted on first down at the beginning of every possession? Take your time getting well, Andrew… this lot are not worth rushing back for.


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