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Post-Super Bowl Power Rankings

Posted Feb 8, 2018

Who tops the Power Rankings after Super Bowl LII.


1.       Philadelphia Eagles

There is no doubting these Eagles any longer. They are top of the football world and deservedly so. Doug Pederson was outstanding in overseeing a complete team and Nick Foles was red hot in the playoffs.

2.       New England Patriots

Tom Brady lost a third Super Bowl but I don’t think it tarnishes his legacy one bit. How can any blame be levelled at Brady after he threw for 505 yards and 3 touchdowns at the age of 40? Legend.

3.       Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags had the Patriots on the ropes in the AFC Championship Game and seemed genuinely shocked to lose to Bill Belichick’s men. This is a confident bunch expecting to go all the way in 2018.

4.       Pittsburgh Steelers

There is just too much talent on this squad to ignore them in 2018. Don’t buy the Le’Veon Bell retirement talk, either. He will be back and Pittsburgh will be there or thereabouts next season.

5.       Minnesota Vikings

With the season ending, Minnesota have gone from one of the best quarterback situations in the league to not having a single passer under contract. There is work to be done for Rick Spielman.

6.       New Orleans Saints

Once the Drew Brees contract is squared away, the Saints will see they are in good shape and capable of advancing deep into next season’s playoffs. But for the Minneapolis Miracle, they would have been in the NFC title game this time around.

7.       Los Angeles Rams

The Rams cleaned up in terms of end-of-season awards with Sean McVay winning Coach of the Year, Todd Gurley being named Offensive Player of the Year and Aaron Donald being named the best defensive player. The future is bright.

8.       Atlanta Falcons

A disappointing loss to Philadelphia in the playoffs should not detract from the fact this remains a talented team on both sides of the ball. I would expect the Falcons to be in the mix again in 2018.

9.       Kansas City Chiefs

Another disappointing playoff loss at home hangs large over the Chiefs, as does the imminent departure of veteran quarterback Alex Smith. What will the Patrick Mahomes era look like in KC?

10.   Carolina Panthers

The Panthers were too inconsistent on offense and Cam Newton was too inconsistent at quarterback for this team to mount a serious challenge in 2017. That is the area where most improvement needs to be made.

11.   Tennessee Titans

Advancing to the second round of the playoffs was not enough to save Mike Mularkey’s job and now Mike Vrabel will be tasked with getting more consistency out of quarterback Marcus Mariota.

12.   San Francisco 49ers

Five straight Jimmy Garoppolo-led wins to end the year had the 49ers feeling good about themselves heading into the off-season. Signing Jimmy G to a long-term deal is priority number one.

13.   Los Angeles Chargers

It was a case of what might have been for a Chargers team that finished the 2017 season very strongly indeed. Philip Rivers remains a playmaker and the defense continues to grow.

14.   Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have long been built on stout defense and a pounding running game. I think all that goes out of the window for the coming years and this is Russell Wilson’s team now.

15.   Buffalo Bills

The future of quarterback Tyrod Taylor hangs in the balance and Buffalo are clearly not sold on him in the long-term. Team-wide offensive improvement is needed for 2018.

16.   Baltimore Ravens

After taking the biggest of sucker punches to the gut in Week 17, the Ravens have to be left with a clear mandate for the off-season – find Joe Flacco some more offensive weapons for 2018.

17.   Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are licking their wounds after one of the more disappointing campaigns of 2017. At least now they can hit re-set and then go again with an attack centred around Ezekiel Elliott.

18.   Detroit Lions

Matt Patricia is in and Jim Caldwell is out in Detroit. All Caldwell did was produce back to back winning seasons before getting fired. Patricia comes in after being torn a new one in the Super Bowl.

19.   Arizona Cardinals

It’s the end of an era in Arizona and uncertainty reigns now that Bruce Arians and Carson Palmer have retired. Will Larry Fitzgerald be next?

20.   Green Bay Packers

Don’t expect the Packers to be this low on the power rankings list in 2018 when Aaron Rodgers is a weekly and healthy mainstay of the offense. When 12 is under center, this becomes an instant Super Bowl challenger.

21.   Washington Redskins

Did Kirk Cousins really need to find out about the Alex Smith trade – and his inevitable departure – via Twitter? I don’t think that paints the Redskins in a very good light. That said, this is a dangerous team when healthy.

22.   Cincinnati Bengals

Marvin Lewis is coming back in Cincinnati but is he and the franchise completely sold on Andy Dalton? It feels like that particular train has run its course.

23.   Oakland Raiders

Jon Gruden is the new boss in Oakland and takes over a team with talent on both sides of the ball. The priority will be to get the best out of Pro Bowl quarterback Derek Carr.

24.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dirk Koetter was given a stay of execution in Tampa. And the way Jameis Winston played down the stretch offers hope for the future. But consistency would be useful in Tampa.

25.   New York Jets

Another off-season with questions surrounding the Jets and their quarterback situation. Will Josh McCown be back? Is Kirk Cousins going to be the guy? Will the Jets draft a stud? Until that gets answered, they are floundering.

26.   Miami Dolphins

There are a lot of question marks surrounding the Dolphins as they head into the off-season, most notably what they do at quarterback, do they keep Ndamukong Suh and pay Jarvis Landry. Those are some giant-sized questions!

27.   Houston Texans

Like the Packers, I don’t expect the Texans to be this low once Deshaun Watson re-enters the fray. Oh, and here’s hoping they also get J.J. Watt back to full strength.

28.   Denver Broncos

The advice for the Broncos is very clear heading into the off-season… do everything you can to get Kirk Cousins on your books. It’s time to admit the whole Paxton Lynch/Trevor Siemian thing was a failure.

29.   Chicago Bears

I’m not sure Matt Nagy was the most inspired choice at head coach, but they said the same thing about Doug Marrone in Jacksonville. The Bears are not devoid of talent and could be respectable next season.

30.   New York Giants

Finding the heir apparent to Eli Manning is going to be job number one for Pat Shurmur in New York. That and getting a talented – on paper – defense to recapture its form of 2016.

31.   Indianapolis Colts

Josh McDaniels has left the Colts up a certain creek without a paddle. But perhaps an even bigger worry is the lingering shoulder issues that surround star quarterback Andrew Luck.

32.   Cleveland Browns

The bottom feeders of the league can thank their lucky stars there is no promotion and relegation in the NFL. This team has won just one of its last 32 games. Yet Hue Jackson returns. Shocking!

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