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10 takeaways from NFL Week 10

Posted Nov 13, 2017

Week 10 in the NFL is almost in the books and here are some quick-fire thoughts following another fascinating Sunday in the United States.

  • Some relatively and recently unfashionable teams are going to be gracing the playoffs this season. It feels like Jacksonville, Tennessee, Philadelphia, New Orleans, the LA Rams and Minnesota have usurped some of the league’s traditional powerhouses.
  • The Saints are built for a playoff run and to play both indoors and outdoors as the weather turns in America. Rushing for 298 yards and 6 touchdowns in their 47-10 thrashing of Buffalo was eye-opening.
    • The return of Teddy Bridgewater at QB is going to be an emotional and uplifting story but, for now, the Minnesota Vikings should stick with Case Keenum, who threw for 304 yards and 4 touchdowns in a 38-30 win over Washington. Teddy’s time will come but what’s the rush?
  • Silence the alarms and call off the dogs, there is nothing to see here with the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. Their early-season wobble is well and truly behind them and they look like the team to beat once again in the AFC.
    • Adrian Clayborn went up against a human turnstile in Dallas’ Chaz Green but 6 sacks in a single game is never to be sniffed at. The Cowboys are missing a superstar, but it is Tyron Smith and not Ezekiel Elliott.
  • That looked more like the Falcons of 2017 as Matt Ryan spread the ball all over the field to his offensive playmakers in downing the Cowboys. That said, a tough road lies ahead for an Atlanta team that still has to play Seattle, Minnesota, New Orleans (twice) and Carolina.
    • The Rams are so prolific on offense that they didn’t score their first touchdown of the game until midway through the third against Houston on Sunday but still managed to explode for another 33 points in a one-sided victory. Jared Goff is a player transformed under Sean McVay.
  • Credit to the San Francisco 49ers for recording their first win of 2017, but it feels like the New York Giants definitely hit rock bottom with the 31-21 defeat. Ben McAdoo’s hot seat is way past warming – it is positively volcanic!
  • The Chicago Bears lost at home to the Green Bay Packers (23-16) on Sunday but the contest did offer glimpses of a brighter future. Rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky played his best game of the year and his touchdown rainbow to Josh Bellamy was a thing of beauty.
  • We often say that Philip Rivers gets let down by everyone around him as the Los Angeles Chargers find different ways to lose. But their defeat in Jacksonville this weekend has to be on him, to some degree. You simply cannot throw up an interception like Rivers did in overtime and not expect to be free of blame.
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