At first glance, American football can appear to be a complex game that is difficult to fully understand.

Don’t worry if you cannot figure out every single piece of the action on the field – it’s understandable given that the coaches on the sidelines are involved in what basically amounts to a game of chess using some very fast and sometimes violent pieces.

As you learn more about the NFL, you will understand some of the finer tactical areas of the sport – but don’t expect to know it all. American football can be a game of bluff and counter-bluff and even the most seasoned fans can be tricked by the deceitful actions of the players and coaches on the field!

However you get into the game, and however much you know about it, the NFL is a sport that gets better the more you understand. Shortly, we’ll be launching a new and improved Learn section. In the meantime, we have two existing sites that will arm you with all you need to know. has it’s own Learn section that can take you from the basics through to in-depth insight videos featuring NFL players that take you behind the scenes of the game. While you are there you can explore all 32 teams that make up the NFL and even get suggestions as to which team is right for you if you are new to the sport. is an immersive experience designed for younger fans. It features a fictional 33rd team and is packed with games, challenges and player videos that take you through every aspect of the sport.